29.10_Unit Trip_Vitra Campus_Basel

On the first day in Basel we visited the Vitra Campus which is 15 minutes from the centre in the Germany slice of Basel. Greeted by the showroom of a boolean of stacking houses by Herzog de Meuron, almost like a posh IKEA, an inevitable commercial core of the campus that also holds a dynamic and spacious interior. Zaha’s fire station was turned into an exhibition by Ronan & Erwan Bourauller named Reveries Urbaines, an atlas of urban daydreaming scenarios. The The Vitra Schaudepol was a comparatively refreshing new addition to the campus, also by Herzog de Meuron as an open archive, displaying without curation. We finished in Gehry’s Vitra Design Museum with textile artist Alexander Girard. The campus was a strange hybrid typology of a theme park, museum and a furniture store, almost a city by itself.


The Schaudepot
The Schaudepot