Tutors and contributors

Giulia Foscari is an independent architect and researcher based in Hamburg. Since her graduation from the university of Rome and the completion of the DRL MArch degree at the Architectural Association in London, she lived and worked in Asia, Latin America and Europe. Following a collaboration with Zaha Hadid Architects and Foster and Partners, in 2009 Foscari joined the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA). Having worked on numerous cultural projects in Hong Kong, in 2011 she moved to Argentina to lead OMA’s Latin American platform and work on projects in Colombia, Brazil and Uruguay. In parallel to practicing architecture, Foscari worked on multiple curatorial projects (inlcuding exhibitions in four editions of the Venice Biennale), is engaged in academia (having taught at Hong Kong University and currently teaching a Diploma Unit at the AA in London), and is active as editor and author. In 2014, as member of Koolhaas’ curatorial team for “Fundamentals”, Foscari published with Lars Müller “Elements of Venice”, a book that won the DAM Architectural Book Award 2015. In 2016, she founded her own architecture office, UNA.

Harikleia Karamali is project architect at Rare Architecture. She is an AA graduate (2014) and has been a unit tutor since 2015. She has worked at John Pawson Architects and is involved in visiting schools and workshops.

Giacomo Ardesio is an architect at OMA/AMO and was involved in Palermo Atlas, an urban study for Manifesta 12. He is also a member of Fosbury Architecture, a design and research collective in Milan and Rotterdam.

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