Territorialisation, Deterritorialisation & Reterritorialisation | The Case of Ballarò (Work in Progress)

‘Ethnographers can no longer simply be content with the thickness they bring to the local and the particular, nor can they assume that as they approach the local, they approach something more elementary, more contingent, and thus more real than life seen in larger-scale perspectives. For what is real about ordinary lives is now real in many ways that range from the sheer contingency of individual lives and the vagaries of competence and talent that distinguish persons in all societies to the realisms that individuals are exposed to and draw on in their daily lives. ‘ – Arjun Appadurai, Global Ethnoscape

Ballarò now exists as the manifestation of many kinds of realism for its occupants and visitors through the process of of deterritorialisation & reterritorialisation.

(Work in Progress: Model is still being updated and the current drawing lacks activities and occupation)