03.11_Unit Trip_Visit to Pinacoteca & Accademia di Brera_Milan_Visit with Grazia Varisco & James Bradburne_Milan

‘A museum is a place for participation, not for evasion or isolation or separation, that liberates its visitors by engaging with them. We should endeavor as far as possible to have the museum play a role in every cultural activity in the areas in which it operates, not solely as a place for contemplation or the study of tradition, but as a place for creating and experiencing contemporary reality. To achieve this, we focus on learning, on reading the collections not only through the eyes of the experts, but of historians and practitioners in other disciplines.’

-Franco Russell, Director of the Pinacoteca di Brera, 1973-1977


We met with James Bradburne, the Director of the  Pinoteca and visited the Academia with the  artist Grazia Varisco.

Accademia Pinoteca is the main public art gallery in Milan, Italy. It contains one of the foremost collections of Italian paintings, an outgrowth of the cultural program of the Breara which shares the site in the Palozzo Brera.

The Academia Carrara is the only Italian museum made up of bequests from important private collectors. It was established in Bergamo in 1794, as a combined Pinacoteca and School of Painting, at the initiative of the Bergamo aristocrat Giacomo Carrara 

The mission of the Academia Carrara is to actively contribute to the cultural development of the local area, the community and all those who visit it for reasons relating to the conservation, study, enrichment and display of its art collections.


Student at work at the Accademia



James Bradburne
James Bradburne Pinacoteca Visit


St. Mark Preaching in Alexandria by Bellini Gentile Bellini