02.11_Unit Trip_Visit to Massimo Di Carlo Gallery_Milan

Right from Hangar Bicocca , we travelled to Massimo de Carlo gallery. It’s placed in an industrial complex, we were greeted by Flavio Del Monte in front of their grey gallery building . One of the most unique features of the gallery is that it has it’s storage is held right at the entrance, exposed to everyone that goes through the door. From there we entered a series of smaller ever-changing rooms. The spaces are designed to work with the art and not have anything that would distract from it , we were told by Flavio. We also got to speak with him about the gallery’s message and their work with artists.
Taking into consideration their growing international presence the gallery tries to make sure they work with a good selection of artists. The Artists represented by the gallery work with various media as painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, photography and video and their work is carefully placed in collections that have the potential of going but to public in the future.

Exhibition Space
Storage space at entrance