01.11_Unit Trip_Lia Rumma Gallery_Milan

The Lia Rumma is the larges contemporary private gallery in Europe we were told, and the word “private” plays an important role here.
The building is completely anonymous on the street , it’s withdrawn from the street, hidden begin a white geometrical facade a “white cube” . We visited the building while it was in-between shows, closed to the public. We got to see what their gallery spaces really had to offer.Upon the entrance we were faced with a large open space on the ground floor holding two tapestries that still remained from the previous exhibition. We got to see the storage that held amazing works boxed in and prepared to travel to Art Basel in Miami later on. We also found there a table they used for Frieze London that we visited earlier this year , still with its sticker on, a nice indication of the traveling art world .
From there we moved up to see the gallery spaces on the upper levels.They are entered from the external industrial looking staircase at the back of the building. 5 levels of super tall rooms, white ,with no further divisions, all inspired by the golden section and a terrace with views to the city at the top.