29.10_Unit Trip_Kunstmuseum_Basel_Visit with Donald Mak

Departing from Beyler Foundation, the group moved onto go into Kunstmuseum extension. The newly opened extension, designed by Christ & Gantenbein boasts its monumentality through its sleek brick facade and a big writing that reads “Sculpture on the move”. As Donald explained, the extension was built as a result of an extensive competition. At entrance, one gasps over the daring texture of the walls, floors and the ceiling. Everything is grey. With the lighting that are inserted into the concrete beams, the interior achieves an environment where the visitors are forced to pay attention to details. Going through the staircase and a gallery space, eventually we arrived at the main Kunstmuseum building which dates back to 1938. In the main building, art from 15th century to 1950 is exhibited, and the later works in the extension.