30.10_Unit Trip_Kunsthalle_Zurich_Visit with Ben Rosenthal

On the 30th of October we visited the Kunsthalle Zurich within the Löwenbräukunst art complex. The Kunsthalle differs from other museums mainly because it doesn’t own a strictly permanent collection. It’s an exhibitions space founded upon the idea of showing the work of contemporary and emerging artists. The Kunsthalle sets out to achieve this by holding 5 or 6 shows a year with no commercial agenda and no artwork for sale.

The Löwenbräu brewery-turned-arts complex underwent a major renovation in 2012 undertaken by the Swiss firms Gigon/Guyer and Atelier WW. The original brick building, constructed in 1897, was supplemented by a black residence tower and its galleries were upgraded with spaces for tenants like the Kunsthalle Zürich and Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, two of the most important museums for contemporary art in Zurich.

Kunsthalle Terrace overlooking offices below

On display during our visit to the Kunsthalle was the work of Phyllida Barlow. All of the pieces are new original and site-specific works that challenge the visitors’ experience of space. Despite the apparent chaotic look of her work, she plans carefully the layout in her studio before the installation on site. After the show her work will be either destroyed or disassembled for reuse, as is typical for the gallery.

Phyllida Barlow Exhibition
Phyllida Barlow Exhibition