11.11 Talk AA London Stefanos Roimpas Biennale 2014

Stefanos Roimpas, architect at OMA, gave an extremely relevant and exciting talk of the Cyprus Pavilion for the 2014 Venice Biennale, titled “Anatomy of the Wallpaper”. He spoke about the challenges of the pavilion, including his limited expertise at the time, the budget constraints, and the extremely quick 3 month turn around for the project. The concept of the pavilion was to create an interior of collage layers that represented Cyrpus’s multi-layered history, with each mounted on a single sheet of cardboard and then horizontally complied. Visitors were then provided with scalpel knives, where they could cut away at elements of the collages, and reveal different landscapes and events from various periods. The pavilion would, in essence, transform over the course of the Biennale, and visitors able to keep their piece of collage as a souvenir. The collages of each layer were composed digitally and later printed and pasted to the large cardboard sheets with the help of several volunteers in Cyprus where the project was assembled. He spoke about unexpected challenges, including the fact that the listed building of the pavilion had fire and safety regulations which required a fire safety officer to be present at all times during the Biennale. He went on to speak about our pavilion designs, and spoke about the importance of the physical model when illustrating an idea, as it can often convey the information of several drawings, and in his case, clients appreciated being able to test different ideas with the model. The simplicity and clarity of the concept of the pavilion, the minimal use of resources yet the success of the end result was very motivating for our own pavilion designs.

Stefanos talking about the Cyprus Pavillion, Biennale 2014 (Image of Pavilion Labour/circulation)


Cyprus Pavilion mock up Biennale 2014
Cyprus Pavilion mock up Biennale 2014


Stefanos talking about the Cyprus Pavillion, Biennale 2014


Example of Collage



Example of Collage


Stefanos talking about the Cyprus Pavillion, Biennale 2014 (Image of output of cuts at the end of the Biennale)