Reframing the Leopard (1963) Working Composition

Framing the table and background Sketch of Belle Room Plan — 1963 The Leopard — The antique emblem of Salina (fictional) A working screenshot from The Leopard 1963 The Leopard — Filming Location of 1963 The Leopard – Belle Room, Palazzo Chigi

Palermo Trip 2 : Interviews

The second visit to Palermo consisted of a series of interviews with local artists, each with their own approaches to street art within the city. The information gathered will solidify the research as well as provide primary precedents for the functions of the design proposal.  

Sicilian Domesticity

Living and Working together conditions represented through the photographs of Battaglia and Bellina in the city centre of Palermo    

Street Art as Preservation

STATEMENT – Street Art is real Art that is worth Curating. – Palermo’s ruins are canvasses that are worth Preserving. – Art works in Palermo are interventions that are worth Sustaining. Proposal A hybrid nomadic mechanism that curates and enagages with Palermo’s ruin-to-art relationship. Occupied by the: i) Visitor ii) Preservationist iii) Artist This will […]

Urban Performances (Work in Progress)

Palermo’s city centre exists of a peculiar and specific typology of ruin and neglected buildings, which have acted as a canvas for Street Artists and Art Activism to reclaim the city. The elevations below are of the 5 key locations where this phenomenon takes place:

Work In Progress

Letizia Battaglia photo map Updated Thesis Analysis of Letizia Battaglia’s photos where in the concentration is on the site of the killing than the killing itself.   Work In Progress drawings of the site analysis of the crime scenes. The two most significant massacres- Capaci Bombing and the Via d’amelia Bombing Mapping of the clan […]

Open justice – keeping the court open

Though not absolute, the fundamental expectation that trials are public should allow us to assume that the public be allocated sufficient space to perform their role effectively and with dignity. However, whatever the motivation, once it became common for trials to be held indoors, the fact that two or more makeshift courts sat in a […]

christmas trees in belice

  trees at – ruins of poggioreale montevago nuova gibellina salemi                                                              

16.06_Honours Nomination

For the Diploma Honours presentation, Federica Zambeletti presented her project Content White where she reflects upon the  condition of whiteness within the contemporary museum.   ‘The research takes the cultural institution of the museum to reflect upon how ‘white’ has now become a default. Where white exists as divisor of the prosaic whilst denying experimentation […]

12.06.17 Presentation and script

current length: 14mins George Fergusson Script Hi my name is George Fergusson.   My research intends to explore the most revolutionary art exhibitions in terms of how they challenged the notion of the museum and the spaces for the exhibition of art. I then went on to experiment its application in a contemporary context with […]