03.11_Unit Trip_Visit to Castello di Rivoli_Turin

We visisted the Castello on Thursday morning before heading over to Dott Gallina and it was one of the highlights of the trip due to both the collection and the setting.

The Castle of Rivoli is a former Residence of the Royal House of Savoyin Rivoli. The main body dates to the eighteenth-century Castello and is flanked by a structure from the early seventeenth century, known as La Manica Lunga because of its unusual dimensions. The edifice was heavily damaged during World War II, and remained in a substantial state of abandon until 1979, when new works of restoration were begun. In 1984 the castle was reopened as seat of the Museo di Arte Contemporanea (Contemporary Art Museum).

The collection began with the opening of the museum-the first devoted to contemporary art- in December 1984.

The inauguration, supported by the Ouverture exhibition curated by the Museum’s then director, Rudi Fuchs, and planned as a model for an international collection arranged within the historic rooms on the first and second floor, laid the bases for what has over the years become the permanent collection.
The collection is constantly enriched through the commitment to acquire works in accordance with four key concepts: adherence to the Museum’s activities, international significance, attention to the latest research and the selection of the finest pieces in each artist’s œuvre. The collection documents the crucial moments in the development of contemporary art in Italy and abroad from the mid-1960s to the latest trends.

In addition to the collection the museum features exhibitions within two different spaces and at the time of the visit these included by Ed Atkins & Wael Shawky. 

Castel of Rivoli Exterior





Daniel Buren
Daniel Buren