29.10_Unit Trip_Bayeler Foundation_Basel_Visit with Donald Mak

It was right after the tour to Vitrahaus, when the group arrived at the light-filled atrium of Beyeler Foundation. As we sat down in the sofas, one of the first thing that occupied our attention was the reflected lighting that entered through the canopy. With great attention to detail the crystalline roof structure that allows for the modification of light intake seemed to be a very important design feature of the gallery. As we waited, we were joined by Brandon Mak from Herzog and De meuron architects. As we started walking through the exhibit : Kandinsky, Marc & Der Blaue Reiter, Brandon explained to us different kinds of design problems architects face when considering a gallery and how his firm approaches those problems. At the end of the “Kandinsky, Marc & Der Blaue Reiter” exhibition, we were pleasantly surprised by a corridor that runs on the side of the building. The corridor faces a peaceful field and almost creates another artwork within the window frames.