16.06_Honours Nomination

For the Diploma Honours presentation, Federica Zambeletti presented her project Content White where she reflects upon the  condition of whiteness within the contemporary museum.


‘The research takes the cultural institution of the museum to reflect upon how ‘white’ has now become a default. Where white exists as divisor of the prosaic whilst denying experimentation where its removal proves it not as a necessity but as a default.  Through the categorisation of different types of white, from the ‘Radical White’ of the modernists to the ‘Totalitarian White’ of the Third Reich to the ‘Didactic White’ of MoMA, the project seeks to reveal that the contemporary understanding of white as blank context never existed until recently. Each type of white occurred both physically and conceptually as a projection screen for very current visions of society where the white altered its meaning with every change. By claiming white as content the project challenged Yves Klein void as full revealing white not as context but as content. White as artwork and not mere backdrop. Hence the project is a manifesto to contemporary culture and cultural production that used the white wall as foreground as opposed to mere background.’