09.01_Nomadic Pavillion Jury AA_London

On the 9th of January we had our jury to decide on the winning proposal for the Nomadic Bookstore of Lars Muller Publishers at the Fuori Salone in Milan 2017.  The jury panel included Lars Muller, Michel de Costa Goncalves, Didier Faustino, Javier Castanon and Didier Faustino.  After an intense day of presentations Arslans’  ‘Book Bar’ was selected.



Book Bar Manifesto

The Nomadic Bookstore pavilion for Lars Müller Publishers during the Salone del Mobile is intended to celebrate and embrace the urban condition of the city both during the day and night.

The transformer-like structure is raised throughout the day operat- ing as a bookstore, and lowered at night to enclose and protect the books inside. Its lowered state provides a at bar-type counter, which can be used for hosting social gatherings.

On the outside the structure is encased by shell of digital LED screens, which advertise a curated selection of Lars’s provocative book titles and lure visitors inside.

Upon stepping inside the shell, the city is diluted by the warm and neu- tral cladded felt; the focus becomes solely on the books. The books are presented at on top of stacked layers of felt which form a 6m long ta- ble, big enough for 62 titles, and their copies stacked on top. The rejec- tion of the bookshelf in favour of a simple at presentation is intended to stimulate interaction and fathom the uniqueness of each book and their graphic covers. The sheer material nature of stacked felt sheets provides a unique opportunity for each book to leave a direct imprint on the surface, like a stamp or cosign of its existence.