08.02_Unit Trip_Meeting With Contractors_Milan_Workshop with Ekaterina Golovatyuk & Federico Pompignoli

On our return to Milan and after finalising the overall concept design for the Nomadic Pavilion, we met with two contractors in order to discuss and finalise each component. The overall lifting mechanism and roof structure of the pavilion, a crucial part of the concept, remained an uncertainty and was arguably the main point of discussion.  

The morning meeting with a contractor from FAV was hesitant of an internal lifting system and instead suggested an external pulley-frame type structure, which would be supported by high tension cables. For the interior cladding, a felt/foam insulation material, the contractor pointed us towards a foam which they developed which could be seen on display at Valextra.

For the afternoon meeting with the contractor from Technlegno, we were joined by Federico, from OMA working on Fondazione Prada. The contractor suggested we implement a piston system used for lifting heavy trucks which features 4 slim pistons positioned on the corners of the table. The piston will also have an additional structure for safety regulation and can be covered to hide oily nature and external cables.

This seemed like our best solution, however the contractor would need to make sure that the retracted maximum height of the piston is 850 mm. The Number 1 priority is the height of the pavilion so that it allows enough space for comfortable headspace when it is open and a maximum height of 1250 mm when is closed – a suitable height for a bar counter, to be used at night.