11.11_Research_Timeline of Keeping WIP

Constructing the British Museum now  on 1920s

Also trying on the colors… it is now divided into collectors ( normally when they die) and expeditions, which are the two dominant sources of collection:

Natural History and British Library are both originated as integral parts of the British Museum. As if this ultimate objects encyclopedia is spitting out it’s departments: it is an intriguing journey from the cabinet to spaces that house millions of people per year. It is also interesting to see museums becoming more and sometimes absurdly specific//

Also started looking at Foucault’s Order of Things, with Borges’ Chinese encyclopedia for animals. A notion to take into the incapability for physical spaces to adopt  more modern ways to classify ( or not classify) such as Google. Temporarily surely is an attempt, away from the Enlightenment notion of classification.

Fun fact: The guy who founded British Museum also brought Chocolate from Jamaica and invented milk chocolate, what a man!