28.11_Talk_AA_London_Forensic Architecture_ Christina Varvia

  Diploma 15 invited Christina Varvia, AA Alumni and Researcher & Project Coordinator at Forenstic Architecture to illuminate us about their research strategies and data transformation into exhibited visual content. First of all she introduced us the background and the structure of studio as well as some basic notions of their research field.   Forensic Architecture […]

17.10_Talk_AA_London_James Westcott_Project Japan & When Marina Abramovich Dies

  When Marina Abramovic Dies Dip 15 hosted James Westcott, English writer and editor to present us his bibliographic book, When Marina Abramovic Dies, on Marina Abramovic’s life and his collaboration for OMA publication Project Japan: Metabolism Talks. He started explaining his first approach with the artists:  “my first work for Marina was to write […]