Pavilion Proposal _ Sebastian Serzysko




The pavilion represents the current turning point between digital and physical world of the book, it takes us on a journey between the Italian first library (studiolo) to the world of digital book.

The design proposal replicates and adapts two knowledge chambers from two different eras. Firstly Studioli represent a significant turning point in the role of sight in verifying experience. In particular, the chamber manifests a transformation in practices of envisioning knowledge of its time, from an inward habit of mnemonic composition toward a more extroverted mediation of the world as a theater for the corporeal eye and its prosthetic instruments. By their visual arrangement, the studioli demonstrate the emergence of a quantitative methodology for representing reality.

The digital part of the building through its reference to a server farm, a modern chamber of knowledge that most people have never actually seen or thought of, creates a new harness for visualizing a digital world, materializes the invisible link to reality. In the world of Instagram and the time of another shift in ways of envisioning the world.

By materializing and by having a similar experience with a book as one may have with an art piece the digital building highlights the uniqueness and importance of the physical book that the buyers will walk away with.