Pavilion Proposal _ Martina Contento

Lars Müller’s Wall of Curiosities



Wall of Curiosities

Wall of Curiosities celebrates the physicality of the book. The pavilion takes the form of an elegant wall that cuts across the site and showcases 9 analogue peepholes, each exposing an element of the physical book that has been lost in the digital world. Each peephole in the pavilion will draw on one of these distinctive elements in an interactive and engaging manner, making the pavilion not just a bookshop, but a celebration of the book.

The pavilion’s elongated form acts as an urban boundary between the main pedestrian thoroughfare and the quaint church square. It serves to draw in visitors from the street with intriguing apertures whilst providing a sense of enclosure and serenity for visitors on the church square side. The apertures will be visible at all times of the day and will be enticing even during the closed evening hours, when lighting draws visitor attention and encourages engagement with the pavilion.

There is also the possibility of projecting films and videos onto the church-facing pavilion wall to further engage the public and give something back to the local people whose neighborhood we are occupying. The church-facing facade of the pavilion houses the book shop element. Innovative and meticulously crafted benches pull out from within the wall during the day to form tables, allowing the larger books to be showcased on a flat surface and given the space and attention they deserve.

The Wall of Curiosities adopts a rational and modest design with a rigorous attention to detail that takes inspiration from Lars Müller’s books themselves. The materiality is honest and unpretentious, using an engineered lumber formed by adhesives and layers of compressed wood.