Pavilion Proposal _ Ludovica Cirillo

Landscape of Encounters





Lars Muller Bookstore is dedicated to the visitors of Salone del Mobile 2017 as a semi-open urban installation.
The key concept is to put in contact the audience to Lars Muller Publishing and vice versa, becoming a community building medium.
The design aims to transform the Milanese piazza into a public interactive “topography” to encourage “casual discovery”. It is defined by Lars as
“the most essential knowledge discovery only possible in bookstores and library”.
With such idea the pavilion is an informal invitation to engage with Lars Muller’s books and his sensibility through analogue and digital medias. It’s a spontaneous journey to build relationships with the urban context and the physical objects, his books.
The pavilion is configured as a urban landscape of re-configurable pixels. The assembly of the units creates different conglomerations and allows different activities. The movable and hidden spaces within the pavilion creates unexpected connections between the structure and the context provoking surprise and playful engagement.
The pixels are designed to ease assembly on site and to be stacked on top of each other or side by side through an interlocking system. This system allows the configuration of an assembly space, an enclosed gallery, an outdoor movable and an interactive area.