Pavilion Proposal _ George Fergusson

Lost and Found


Working model _ 1

Lost and found is an exploration of the ambiguity of who it is that is lost and what it is that is found. Is the book lost until it is found by the reader? Or is it the reader that is lost among the countless bookshelves until he finds the book and the space in which he wishes to spend his time reading?

The notion of finding a space in which one can be lost in reading is something I wanted to emulate and facilitate. The balancing and pivoting of my proposed pavilion is at once dynamic and unnervingly still.

The sight of a 5mx5m structure holding up to 30 people without even rocking slightly will as intriguing tothe passer by as much as the visitor.

Just as the world freezes with a good book, so too will it seem to be the case here.