Pavilion Proposal _ Adrian Ma



The proposal believes that the books should take a central role given their strength in covers, titles, imagery, and content.

As such this proposal acts fundamentally as a plinth; A floating display that elevates the collection from the bustling condition of the Salone del Mobile. The primary tool utilised is the specificity of the site’s sun path.

The use of the sun path offers a platform of linearity. The strength of which may be apparent in terms of LMPs chronological shifting of a world view. Perhaps ‘Pioneers of Swiss Graphic Design’ deserves to be highlighted in the early morning, whilst the mid afternoons highlighting of ‘Are we Human?’ could be a topic that corresponds with more recent developments in design discourse. Conversely, should the curatorial effort look towards alleviating the design fatigue that is likely to ensue, the provocation of ‘What people do for money’ could act as a refreshing means of attraction in the evening.