27.05 Final Jury Presentation Annotated

Presentation file:



Drawings to be considered

The new drawing needs to speak through a media which embodies the conditions of research.

I’ve been thinking for a while now that wood cut print could be a means of representing the 4 fields of research. Afterall the State propaganda involved with nation building is in a way similar to the framing of artworks through a curatorial window.  ie the museum frames a view of the past as truth- while downplaying or even eliminating other possible narratives.

The content researched is complex and draws upon many historical precedents:

  • The Yuanming Yuan Ruins, embody 2 world views that the CCP is antagonistic towards
  • big character postings to weed out counter revolutionary thinkers, is akin to the Stars first exhibition public postings/ Xidan Democracy wall.
  • The Xiamen Dada burning event is almost invisible- Marrying Rauschenbergs dialectics of Avant-Garde with Dadaism,  and Chan Buddhism.
  • While the Apartment art IS invisible, unless viewed through the perspective the Shuimi Curation at Caochengdi.

The Woodcut will need to embody these issues. Compositionally this will require alot of reworking- I think this is where most of the time will end up actually. The hand carving can take a day or two. While the composition needs to be translated as layers… thicknesses need to be introduced in the form of shadow. Will this be created from scratch? Or will it simply be a translation of this:


If there was a silverbullet that cnced this that would be great but I can’t think of one right now…. perhaps that new robotic arm in the DPL could be of use…