23.01_Research_Back to Basics

I am Currently reading the dissertation written by Sachs’s nephew ‘PAUL J. SACHS AND THE INSTITUTIONALIZATION OF MUSEUM CULTURE BETWEEN THE WORLD WARS’ and trying to fill in the gaps on the timeline and taking notes to write my own research on the matter. I decided to go back and understand the birth of the institution of the museum in America and how this institution as a European model was ‘americanalised’  to establish their own cultural identity. Ties with the booming economy and the growth of galleries are also key in understanding Sachs past.


The diagram format used by Barr is also providing useful to look at how things influenced and tie together (still major WIP) although I would like this to be a poster/pamphlet which can be extracted from the book.

I started defining the chapters for evolution a bit more looking at titles which speak for themselves and give a clear statement/idea. The structure of the book in terms of page layout is still WIP and something I would want to discuss on Wednesday.  I am looking at a hybrid between Delirious New York and the Harvard Design Guide to Shopping.


Table of Contents