19.11_Research_Comparative Graph / Timeline



First, there is a map showing different universal museums around the world and the size of their visitor numbers manifested as circles.


From the 17 museums above, 8 are picked and compared in the following graph.



Here, the number of artefacts, floor area and the visitor number are compared next to each other for 8 different museums.

Out of these, 4 are again chosen to be compared even further.

In the following graph, the breakdown of each department is shown for the British Museum,  Met, Art Institute Chicago and the National Gallery of Art. One can see not all four museums have same departments. However, Asian, and Ancient European department can be found in three of them.


With comparative graphs, one can now question the establishment of Universal Museum. In oder to do this however, it is vital to understand the development of the universal museum. development-of-universal-museum-2