11.12.2016_Research Statement

The project explores the phenomenon of globalization of the contemporary art market, looking at the correlation between the art fair, the commercial gallery and the auction house. I am interested to examine how the three have together formed an entirely profit driven market, where art becomes a commodity and its monetary value outweighs its cultural significance. I am also interested to trace how they have proved detrimental in the formation and global spread of art movements, trends and artists.

Through a series of parallel timelines, I am investigating the evolution of the art fair, the commercial gallery and the auction house, looking at key players and events that have acted as catalysis’s for the transformation of the art market, considering four perspectives:

– Historical: Tracing their origins through looking at precedents that have caused major paradigm shifts transforming the commercial spaces dealing with sale of art and its public display.

– Economic: Providing assessment of the role of economic factors in relation to the commercially driven art market, looking at statistics and quantitative data to analyze global trends and tendencies.

– Global: Looking at globalization through international expansion strategies, resulting in the global hegemony of mega-galleries, top art fairs and auction houses.

– Architectural scale: Examining how a hierarchical power model, space typology, and the commercial strategies for display of art within the three categories has evolved through time. Evaluating how the contemporary condition of the art fair age has shifted the dominance of the contemporary art Museum, analyzing how it has introduced changes to adapt its behavior and compete with global trends.