06.06_Research Apartment Typologies

The Shuimu Art Space had a recollective Exhibtion of the underground Apartment Art movement that took place as early as the 50s.

The particular space they recreated can be traced back to the late ’60s prototype.

The prototype was indicated an all time low in housing stock, with regard to the context of the Cultural revolution that was taking place at the time.

Here we see a red apartment typology unit that the Shuimu exhibition chose to recreate. Typically these units were the only ones that had running water. So from this we can surmise that the space being represented was inherently communal.

In a situation where the pursuit of art for art’s sake was enough to warrant public humiliation and re-education in the countryside, the apartment artist’s would have operated in secrecy. However choice of this communal space indicates pockets of tolerance was still viable.