05.12_Research_White Cube_Curator& Art Fair

Following on from the crit I decided to look at both the role of the curator in relation to the white cube as well as the implementation of the white cube within the art fair. I started reading some articles written by and on Hans Ulrich and found it interesting that he advocates for a return to the salon type approach to curating where we should advocate for more ‘conversation and dialogue’.

This made me think of the notion of going back to the ensemble rather than isolation of the Bauhaus as mentioned by Federico. 

On the other hand when looking at the white cube in relation to the art fair it appears to exemplify the unbounded geographic array of existing economics, popping up in an endless variety of locations in virtually every major city globally; from New York to London to Hong Kong to Sydney to Paris etc.  Paralleling the advent of so-called “sharing economies” and the reduction of accessibility to possessing property, the display of today can occupy and invade any space, but exits as soon as it came. here the white cube exists as a typology which participates in an architectural fiction where it seeks the semblance of another form instead of its actuality. here the white cube almost define the need for a curator- one piece per wall. 


white-cube-comic_2 white-cube-comic_3

white-cube-comic_4 white-cube-comic_5 white-cube-comic_8 white-cube-comic_21 white-cube-comic_22