03.05.17_Update_Adding Stories

Acknowledging that the current mode of universal museum does not reflect the context in which the artefacts lay or were collected, I decided to proceed the project by proposing an app. Embedded into our phones or VR, the proposal will allow for a broader understanding of context of the Universal Museum.


Room 4. Egyptian Hall


Ramses II, Younger Memnon, British Museum.

This statue is about to get a makeover

The background is faded as the statue is scanned with a device

The statue is then considered in its original setting.

How did it look like before ? 

The statue is then restructured.

Now, let us also look at the context in which the artefact lay.

The following is a wall from the temple of Ramses’

We also consider how the artefact was carried from the site to the British Museum

The perspective is altered to take these into account

Now, the newly occupying context alter the environment, really taking the visitor back to the past 

The architecture of the hall changes….

And then there is a new occupant !