01.05_Research_Book Format

I Pantone = I Book


Radical White (looking in particular to the initial use of the white partition for exhibition spaces rather than this of the museum – exhibits of both industrial and domestic products –

1927 – Die Wohnung Exhibition

1929- Internal Exposition Barcelona

1931- Dwelling of our time

1933- German workers exhibition


Totalitarian White –maybe not a book but a layer of marble with carving?


MoMA White=Didactic White 

1929 (office space)- international style

1932 (domestic space)- machine art

1936 cubism & abstract art- first white cube exhibition

1939 (museum built space)


Conceptual White

Default White 


Major points:

Art and architecture as once inseparable – white cube and art as totally detached (introduction of easel painting)

Museum in relation to domestic space (white wall first implemented for the exhibition of domestic products as well as 1:1 models of houses- white wall as part of international style-architecture of standardisation)

increment in the scale of contemporary art= architecture of civic proportions

white wall-this is art