01.05.17_Research_War of Hotels

What are the Spaces of the Meta Museum?


The series of destructive events of the War of Hotels becomes the curating tool for the Meta Museum in Beirut.

The Pheonicia, the Holiday Inn, St. George and the Burj al Murr were strategic combat locations during the War of Hotels. It was a sub conflict within the 1975 -77 phase of the Lebanese Civil War which occurred in the Minet-el-Hosn hotel district of downtown Beirut. This area was one of the first fronts of the war that began in April 1975. The battles were fought with heavy exchanges of rocket and artillery fire from the various hotel rooftops and rooms. Sniper fire was commonly utilised. The Murr Tower and Rizk Tower were Beirut’s tallest buildings at the time which, together with the hotels, towers over the residential quarters and adjacent areas both Christian and Muslim. Now, the Murr and the Holiday remain as abandoned relics in the city, and have been referenced by many contemporary artists like Marwan Rechmouie and Zena al Khalil. Part of the buildings are preserved as part of the meta museum.

There are a series of dispersed spaces, exposing strategic views of the city,  levantine artist that discuss themes of urban destruction, and the political history of the country/region.

What are the boundaries of the museum?

Buildings that were use for strategic reasons during the War of Hotels:

The Holiday Inn


Phoenicia Inter-Continental


Palm Beach



The Alcazar

Murr Tower

Rizk Tower