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*Huge thanks to our external collaborator Ekaterina Golovatyuk and all the contributors !!

Designed by the students of the AA Museum Lab, a Diploma unit of the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, the Nomadic Bookstore for Lars Müller Publishers is intended as a manifesto of the relevance of books in the context of the expansion of the digital.

Located in the heart of the Brera Design District in Milan, in Piazza San Marco, the Nomadic Bookstore presents a selection of Lars Müller Publisher’s books on Design, Architecture, Photography, Art and Society to the wide audience of the prestigious Salone del Mobile, which inaugurates on April 4th, 2017.

Conceived as an itinerant urban structure, the hovering LED-lit roof of the pavilion projects into the city ever changing provocative titles of Lars Müller’s books and shelters the publications within a soft interior-scape. Inside the pavilion, the predominant use of fine cork with diamond-pointed ashlar ceiling details, allows for a uniform exhibition book display and provides an acoustically subdued environment within hustle of the urban Milanese context. Intended as a prototype, in future incarnations the pavilion will transform itself at night by seamlessly morphing into a closed volume through the use of a pneumatic system.

The pavilion design was selected by an international jury from the competition entries of all eleven students of the AA Museum Lab. The winning proposal is the result of an intense collaboration between all students, who temporarily founded the AA Museum Lab office, simulating a “real” architecture practice.

The pavilion was built thanks to the support of Granorte, Dr. Gallina, Pro Helvetia, Vogt Landscape Ltd and the crowd-funding efforts of the students.

Student Research

  • Adrian Ma
  • Arslan Arkallayev
  • Federica Zambeletti
  • George Fergusson
  • Linus Cheng
  • Lloyd Lee
  • Ludovica Cirillo
  • Martina Contento
  • Olympia Simopoulou
  • Sebastian Serzysko
  • Tyler Camille Bollier
  • Contributor panel

    Alex Giarlis
    Amadine Kastler
    Andrew Usher
    Anna Pla Catala
    Anna Somers Cocks
    Antiopi Koronaki
    Anton Belov
    Brett Steele
    Chris Pierce
    Christina Varvia
    Daniela Ferretti
    Davide Sacconi
    Didier Faustino
    Elisabetta Varison
    Federico Montella
    Federico Pompignoli
    Fiammetta Griccioli
    Francesco Anselmo
    Giovanna Aamadasi
    Giulio Manieri Elia
    Inigo Minns
    James Bradburne
    Javier Castanon
    Jose Monfa
    Lars Müller
    Laura De Azcarate
    Lily Jencks
    Lucia Aspesi
    Ludovico Lombardi
    Mark Campbell
    Michel da Costa Goncalves
    Nacho Marti
    Nicola Novarini
    Paul Cornet
    Paolo Pontena
    Paolo Zanon
    Roberta Trenconi
    Sara Pedrini
    Samantha Hardingham
    Stephan Peterman
    Theo Sarantoglou